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Timeless beauty.

There are some things that never go out of style. They are timeless; they are classic. That is what Haas Door had in mind when we designed our American Tradition Series™ garage doors.

Imagine the beauty of the 1800’s carriage house, the tall rooflines, warm gaslights, and the elegant handcrafted wooden doors detailed with wrought iron hardware.

At Haas Door we have taken all the elegance of the original wooden carriage house door and translated it into a beautifully wood grained embossed door. The heart of the American Tradition Series™ has 2Ist century materials. Combined with modern technology, you have a beautiful garage door that provides a stronger barrier to the elements than wood.

There is beauty, versatility and quality in the products we produce at Haas Door.


Built to Last.

Enjoy the handcrafted quality and rich traditional carriage house style without the maintenance of wood. American Tradition Series™ doors contain CFC free polyurethane insulation with an R value of 13.45. They are available in five base colors: white, almond, gray, sahara tan and sandstone. The overlay boards are painted white as standard, but are also available in the five base colors with an option to mix and match. (example: almond boards on a sandstone door)


Single Door Models

Models below are shown in Sandstone with White Overlays and Solid Top Sections

920 (plain top section - shown)
930 (arched top section)

921 (plain top section - shown)
931 (arched top section)

922 (plain top section - shown)
932 (arched top section)


940 (plain top section - shown)
950 (arched top section)

941 (plain top section - shown)
951 (arched top section)

942 (plain top section - shown)
952 (arched top section)


Double Door Models

Models below are shown in a variety of color options and top section combinations.

920 (plain)
930 (arch)

930 in Gray with White Overlays
Glazed Arch 3 pane top section

940 (plain)
950 (arch)

940 in White with White Overlays
Glazed 6 Pane top section, hinges and handles


921 (plain)
931 (arch)

921 in Sandstone with Sandstone Overlays
Glazed 3 pane top section

941 (plain)
951 (arch)

951 in Almond with Almond Overlays
Glazed Arch 6 pane top section


922 (plain)
932 (arch)

932 in Almond with Gray Overlays
Solid Arch top section

942 (plain)
952 (arch)

942 in Sandstone with Almond Overlays
Solid top section


Top Section Design Styles

Frosted glass is available in all styles.
1/8" tempered is standard. 1/2' insulated tempered is optional

Glazed Arch 3 Pane

Glazed Arch 6 Pane

Solid Arch


Glazed 3 Pane

Glazed 6 Pane




  • Handcrafted Style

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 13.45 Calculated R-Value

  • 5 Base Color Choices

  • 5 Overlay Color Choices

  • CFC FREE Insulation

  • Heavy Vinyl Bottom Seal

  • Embossed Wood Grain Steel

  • Woodgrain Overlays

  • Durable Polyester Finish Coat


Base Color Options

sahara tan


Overlay Color Options

white (standard)
almond (painted)
sahara tan
sandstone (painted)

Colors are not exact due to the differences in monitors. For accurate color samples, contact a Haas Door dealer for a color selector.



Decorative Hardware





Color Matching

Need to match your trim to your garage door?

Haas Door colors are available at Sherwin Williams

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