Tips for Selecting a Garage Door

  • By Haas Door
  • 16 Apr, 2017

Timeless woodgrain carriage house styles. Colorful attention-grabbing contemporary accents. Statement-making designs with eye-catching appeal. Our experts at Haas Door recommend you open yourself --- and your garage doors --- up to the potential for endless possibilities of enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

"The garage door is a focal point of many home exteriors so it's important to 'use' it to create curb appeal on your house," says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. "Selecting the right garage door for your home is more than just picking a durable entryway. The garage door should be an extension of your home's style and personality."

Nofziger recommends these tips for selecting a garage door that can enhance your home exterior and add valuable curb appeal to your house:

Tip #1 - Step back. Before selecting a garage door stand by the street and look at your home overall. Now, think about the style of the home exterior, the colors on the house and the textures. Determine what kind of garage door --- smooth or woodgrain --- and what color or texture would best complement your home's overall exterior.

Tip #2 - Light or no light? Decide if you'd like a solid garage door or one with windows to allow light into your garage. If you choose windows, look at the style of windows on the front side of your home (including the grids) and look for a garage door with similar window styles. For example, if your home has lots of small window panes, then look for garage door windows with grids that replicate the look of smaller panes of glass.

Tip #3 - Be practical. Select a garage door that can handle weather conditions for your geographic area. For instance, a 5000 Series door can stand up to Mother Nature, even in Florida conditions, with its corrosion-resistant aluminum, thick insulation and weather-resistant paint finish.

Tip #4 - Stand out ... or stand back? Decide if you want your garage to be a stand-out focal point when looking at your house or if you want it to blend in with your home's style. There's no wrong answer. Oftentimes a stand-out door, like one in an elegant Craftsman style with a wood grained finish, can add visual dimension and appeal to a home exterior. Or, a door in a painted bronze color can stand out beautifully against a stone veneer home facade.

Tip #5 - Think of the future. A garage door selection is one that should last many years for your home. So, look below the beauty of the surface to choose a low-maintenance door that has a strong warranty and will give you years of beauty with minimal upkeep.

What's New at Haas Door?

By Haas Door 09 Nov, 2017

Realistic-looking and eye-catching, three new garage door wood grain options from Haas Door replicate the appearance of real wood doors, but without the maintenance hassles of wood. The new stucco embossed English Oak, Mahogany and Ash wood grains are available in bi-directional patterns on durable steel garage doors.

"These three new bi-directional wood grain color options provide a vertical wood grain pattern on the panel and stile, with a horizontal pattern on the rails," says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. "This offers the genuine look of a real wood door but with the strength of steel. Plus, we’ve added a strong 10-year warranty to the doors to assure homeowners of their durability.”

According to Nofziger, the three new wood grains are built with 26-gauge galvanized steel. The pre-painted wood grain finish is baked on to ensure a strong and long-lasting door.

"After the successful launch of our Stucco Embossed American Walnut Bi-Directional door we've been repeatedly asked to offer more wood grain options in bi-directional patterns," says Nofziger. "From our experiences manufacturing uni-directional wood grain garage doors we know that English Oak, Mahogany and Ash are very popular wood species. That's why we selected these three specific wood grains to join our bi-directional family of steel doors. Now homeowners have four truly unique wood grain options to select from when desiring a bi-directional garage door that mimics real wood."

The bi-directional wood grain doors are available with all panels in the 2000, 700 and 600 series from Haas Door. All four steel wood grain color patterns feature an industry leading 10-year warranty for peace-of-mind of homeowners.

By Haas Door 10 Oct, 2017
What's the largest single door in a home? The garage door. When it comes to choosing a garage door, energy efficiency should play a role in the selection process.

"Energy Awareness Month in October is a good time for homeowners to learn how to choose a garage door that minimizes air leakage and has solid energy efficiency benefits," says Kent Nafziger, vice president of sales and marketing at Haas Door. "Having a garage door with exceptional air infiltration seals can help keep out the wind and cold temperatures, no matter how much Mother Nature throws at it."

Nafziger recommends homeowners seeking the most energy efficient garage door possible look at the R-value of the door. For example, a 2000 Series door features a calculated R-value of 17.66, making it exceptionally efficient. The two-inch thick galvanized steel doors feature dense CFC free polyurethane foam insulation to help achieve the impressive R-value. Enhanced air infiltration seals between the door sections restrict air movement to increase the energy efficiency of each door.

"These doors are extraordinarily durable and energy-efficient," says Nafziger. "Independent testing shows the air infiltration seals for these doors exceed the industry's ASHRAE 90.1 Standard when installed with a standard bottom seal and a commonly available rigid/flexible vinyl door stop. The construction of this door makes it a valuable home asset for anyone living in an area experiencing strong winter weather."
Manufactured in the USA, the 2000 Series doors feature a full thermal break in the construction of the two-inch thick doors. This eliminates metal-to- metal-contact and limits the transfer of temperature. The attractive doors are available with either wood grain or stucco embossment and come in 17 color choices with a wide range of sizes and panel options. Windows can also be incorporated into the garage door panels.

"When looking for a garage door to withstand the brutal winter weather of Wisconsin or the sizzling summer temperatures in Texas, this garage door stands out as a winner," says Nafziger. "Homeowners who do their homework will discover it's important to select a garage door that provides energy efficiency values married with durability and designer appeal."
By Haas Door 22 Aug, 2017

Alden Homes has married smart and sensible design with warm and cozy appeal in their newest community project: The Gables at Elm Tree. Located in Mount Joy, Penn., the 116-lot Craftsman-style community features nine distinctive single-family homes with unique curb appeal.

"Each of these modern cottage-style homes features smart technology and efficient space use on the inside along with appealing, comfortable designs on the exterior," says Bill Martin, architectural designer with Alden Homes. "These homes have so much charm and appeal that we've had people say they feel like the house is giving them a hug."

The warmth of the overall home design starts on the outside of each house with low-maintenance siding and a 360 Series garage door from Haas Door. Each garage door features frosted glass and is backlit from within the garage, so it looks like the doors glow at night.

"The durable and elegant 360 Series door is an upgrade option that every single homeowner has requested since we started selling lots last year," says Martin. "We're specifying this door with Painted Bronze or Dark Bronze Anodized to complement the vivid colors and styles of the home exteriors. This garage door makes such a powerful curb appeal impression that we've had non-residents request information on them for their own homes."

By Haas Door 04 Aug, 2017
Independent and plentiful in numbers, Baby Boomers are a major part of America's housing outlook. With more than 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers are either currently in retirement or planning for retirement — and their living arrangements are a primary consideration.

According to a survey conducted by Demand Institute of more than 4,000 Baby Boomer households*, 63 percent of those surveyed do not plan to move, preferring instead to "age in place." Of those respondents, "low maintenance/upkeep" is rated as the third highest concern for Boomers staying in their current homes.

On the exterior of the house, switching to low-maintenance products with strong visual and easy-care appeal are essential for Baby Boomers. Haas garage doors, made of are steel and aluminum garage doors offer realistic-looking wood grain finishes that can trick the eye into thinking a home has a real wood garage door.

"We feature a powder coated wood grain finish on our Residential Aluminum 360 Series doors that is rust- and corrosion-free for long-term beauty and durability," says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. "Unless you're right up next to it, you can't tell this isn't a true wood door. We're using high-end commercial grade aluminum to create a garage door that requires almost no maintenance during its lifetime. Best of all, homeowners can select from one of 14 different wood grains to truly complement their home."

* boomers-and- their-homes.pdf
By Haas Door 28 Jun, 2017

In January of 2016 Mother Nature came calling in Cape Coral, Florida in a powerful way: an EF-2 tornado. Estimated by the National Weather Service to have achieved peak wind gusts of 132 mph, the tornado damaged 178 structures.

 "A home where we had recently installed a 600 Series garage door from Haas Door had the first layer riddled with ceramic shingles that had flown in and embedded themselves in the door," says Wade Helm, president of On Track Doors . "However, once we pulled them out, the door was working and usable.

  "This garage door from Haas Door did so much better than other garage doors on the same street. The quality of the door, thickness of material and engineering of the panels really stood up to that storm."

 Homeowner Rick Koch appreciates the durability of the Haas Door product in protecting the contents of his garage.

 "If you could have seen the pieces of tile sticking out of the garage door you'd be amazed," says Koch. "I had my BMW, tools and other personal items in the garage and none of them were damaged. Between the garage door from Haas Door and my hurricane windows, my house was saved. We had minimal damage compared to my neighbor's homes that were destroyed."    

By Haas Door 19 Jun, 2017

Responding to growing industry demand for more wood grain patterns, Haas Door, manufacturer of premium steel and aluminum residential and commercial garage doors, has added two new uni-directional wood grain patterns to its expansive product line: English Oak and American Walnut.

"These two new colors enhance the ability for homeowners to select a wood grain pattern that perfectly complements their home exterior," says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. "The English Oak color is entirely new for us and resembles a neutral brown that works exceptionally well with a variety of home exteriors, including brick, stone and a selection of sidings.

"American Walnut has previously been very well received in our bi-directional pattern and we believe it will be very well received as a uni-directional pattern offering. Both American Walnut and English Oak are now available in our American Tradition, 2000 Series, 700 Series and 600 Series.

Additional uni-directional wood grain colors offered by Haas Door include Smooth Oak, Smooth Cherry, Embossed Ash and Embossed Mahogany. Crafted from 26-gauge, galvanized steel, the wood grain patterns on Haas doors are baked on to give the appearance of real wood.

For those wishing a bi-directional woodgrain, Haas Door has expanded its product offering by offering American Walnut in standard & ranch panels.  This allows people to select American Walnut bi-directional options with all panels in the 2000 Series, 700 Series and 600 Series.

By Haas Door 30 May, 2017

How many times have you been told to "just imagine" how a product would look in or on your home? With HaasCreate, you don't have to imagine how a new garage door would enhance your home's curb appeal, you can actually SEE it!

Our free HaasCreate design tool is as an online visualizer, located at

This easy-to-use app for the iPad, which doesn't require an internet connection to use, is also available for free at the Apple store. Once installed, you can upload a photo of your home and outline the existing garage area.

Then HaasCreate helps to instantly create a new garage door with different styles, options and colors at your fingertips.


If you don't have a photo of your home exterior, don't worry --- we've got you covered. You can choose from sample home images we have on the app. You can have fun making personal product selections --- including a garage door style, color, windows, overlay colors, trim colors, handles and accessories --- so you can customize your garage door perfectly to enhance the exterior of your home!

By Haas Door 30 May, 2017

Sometimes she's windy and wicked; other times she's calm and sunny. Mother Nature is fickle. To handle her many moods, you need garage doors that can withstand everything from torrential rains to hurricane-force winds.

"Not all garage doors are made the same," says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. "It's important to choose a garage door that can withstand both anticipated and unexpected weather conditions for where you live."

"The key elements to look for in a garage door are quality aluminum or steel construction, strong insulation and a weather-resistant finish. Match those elements up with a comprehensive warranty and you'll help your home fight off Mother Nature."

Made with corrosion-resistant aluminum and filled with dense CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, 5000 Series doors from Haas Door feature a weather-resistant Trinar® paint finish. "The Trinar finishes have been exposed for decades at weathering facilities in south Florida to experience true weather conditions," says Nofziger. "The finishes hold up against extreme ultraviolet (UV) rays, strong winds, salt air and hurricane-type conditions.

"And, the entire garage door has received the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA) certifying that these products conform to High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) provisions and Miami-Dade requirements."

Other residential Haas Door products receiving similar approval for Miami-Dade County and HVHZ include Series 600, 700, 2000 and 2400.

Manufactured in Ohio, the recently-upgraded steel garage doors from Haas Door feature enhanced air infiltration seals to provide significant air tightness for the garage doors. The outstanding air infiltration enhancement helps the garage doors stand up to wild winds from Mother Nature.

By Haas Door 23 May, 2017

Looking for an outstanding garage door with no maintenance hassles? Your search is over.  American Tradition SeriesTM garage doors from Haas Door come in 13 solid color options plus two wood grain base options. Each American Tradition door features handcrafted quality and rich, traditional carriage house style without the maintenance hassles of wood.

Our two-inch thick American Tradition steel garage doors feature CFC free polyurethane insulation with a calculated R value of 13.45. Overlay boards add distinction and the traditional carriage house look. Available as single or double doors, with solid top section designs or several window options.

Solid color options include our premium colors of Trinar® White, Trinar Beige, Trinar Brown and Cool Black. Our standard color options are Bronze, Hunter Green, Brown, Gray, Polar White, Almond, Sahara Tan, Sandstone and Charcoal. And, American Tradition doors also are available in premium woodgrain colors of Embossed Mahogany and Embossed Ash.

By Haas Door 16 May, 2017

Neither Mother Nature nor the Big Bad Wolf can "huff and puff and blow the door down" on a home with a 5200 or 2000 Series garage door.

Our recently-upgraded steel garage doors feature enhanced air infiltration seals to provide significant air tightness for the garage doors. The outstanding air infiltration enhancement helps the garage doors stand up to wild winds from Mother Nature.

"These doors are exceptionally durable and energy-efficient," says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. "In our industry there is a standard set forth by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE).

 "Our independent testing shows the new air infiltration seals we've created for garage doors in the 5200 and 2000 Series exceed the ASHRAE 90.1 Standard when installed with a standard bottom seal and a commonly available rigid/flexible vinyl door stop."

Made in the USA, the 5200 and 2000 Series doors have a calculated R-value of 17.66 and a full thermal break in the construction of the 2-inch thick doors. This eliminates metal-to-metal-contact and limits the transfer of temperature.

Filled with dense CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, the garage doors are manufactured with heavy gauge galvanized steel that incorporate the look of embossed wood grain. The doors come in 18 color choices with a wide range of sizes and panel options.

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